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Our range of products

All the 1845 Trablit & Atelier Trablit range of products are 100% natural, guaranteed without artificial aromas & preservatives.

Aromatic paste and topping manufacturing

We are manufacturing a range of gourmet, natural, free from additives and preservatives aromatic pastes and toppings.
The Atelier Trablit range of products are from an historical & handmade savoir-faire which combines selection, raw materials transformation and roasting art for the untreated pistachio and hazelnut pastes. Our aromatic pastes keep all their flavour to bring delicacy and nobility to your pastries and ice-creams and our toppings put the finishing touche to your desserts.

Packaging :

150 g, 1 kg, 10 kg

Sugar-free, raw products, natural aromatic pastes

These pastes have a high density of roasted (by us) dried fruits.

Nougat Paste
Roasted Pistachio Paste
Caramel Paste
Coffee Paste
Praline Hazelnut Paste
Roasted Hazelnut Paste

The toppings

The Trablit Atelier offers a range of 5 toppings, free from additives or artificial colourings for each restaurant owner who is paying close attention to product quality. They will put the finishing touche to your desserts and ice-creams. Our toppings are made as our aromatic pastes : with raw products, sugar and water.

Hazelnut: Topping with strong roasted hazelnut taste, 900 g

Nougat: Tasty topping with hazelnut & nougat slivers, 750 g

Coffee: Topping with subtle coffee flavours, reheated with a caramel touch, 1 kg

Caramel: Topping with a strong taste of caramel and a nice golden colour, 1 kg

Chocolate: Thin topping with pure black chocolate taste, 1 kg

Packaging according to the product.

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